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So you just found out your partner is pregnant!

You are going to be a dad. Congratulations!


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Over the thirty years that Birthright of Columbia has been in existence, rarely has the birth father accompanied a pregnant girl or woman to the Birthright office. When questioned, the new mom may hold out hope for the birth father’s support.  She may want you there, but is not sure where you stand.  She feels that you have the right to help make decisions regarding your baby, but does not want to pressure you into a commitment. Whether this child is the result of a long time partnership or a one night stand, the responsibility and the commitment to the child is real.

Maybe you are not even sure how you feel about this new situation.  That's okay!  You are not alone.  When you hear the news that you are going to be a dad, you can be filled with the same emotions as the mom.
  • How can Birthright help you as a dad?
  • What would you as a dad like to know?

Whatever fears or uncertainties you may have, Birthright wants to help you.  Please, come by and see us at our office or call (803) 765-0165.



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